9 of the Most Scenic Places to Surf on This Planet

For the surfer with a steadfast dedication to slowly but surely visiting each of the famed, infamous, or not so famous surf spots from around the world here is a must know list of beaches that offer both beauty and challenges in equal measures.

  1. Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand

This river mouth beach features a sandy beach and two peaks; waves here are punchy and hollow with plenty of barrels to take advantage of.

Be aware of: The rocks; the rivers here have strong and sometimes unexpected currents.

  1. Waipio, Hawaii

Waipio is very often regarded as Hawaii’s best and most beautiful surfing destination and with hollow, fast and powerful waves to take advantage of (along with the very best views of Hawaii) there’s little wonder why.

Be aware of: Rips/underflow, Rocks and Sharks.

  1. Lofoten, Norway

Norway has only recently come to the attention of surfers, however with drastically differing beaches and destinations such as Lofoten it seems that Norway may well become the destination of choice for challenging surfs.

Lofoten specifically boasts a great way of taking advantage of the inconsistent swell patterns found in the North Atlantic, as well as settings which feature some of the oldest and most beautiful rocks in the world.

Be aware of: A dangerous stretch of water, known as the Vestfjorden, which is located between the mainland and the Lofoten Wall.

  1. Kaikoura, New Zealand

Kaikoura makes for a popular destination for tourists and surfers alike. The waves here emerge from swells that come directly from deep water, with multiple spots which can catch swell from both the north as well as the deep low pressures of the roaring forties. The waves here are big, powerful and hollow.

Be aware of: The water here is cold and the waves can be particularly fast and furious.

  1. Stoney Point, Minnesota

The waves here are fast and powerful and feature the heaviest wave across the lakes; this stretch of surf consists of a staggering 300 mile long trench. It is however a destination that features offshores that can blow hard, making it then impossible to paddle into the wave.

Be aware of: The rocky terrain.

  1. Cloud 9, Philippines

Cloud 9 is named as such owing to the unbelievable waves that it produces as well as the idyllic setting which surfers flock to. It offers a barrelling peak when the conditions are rights with a swell direction to the North East (although swell to the east can see Cloud 9 bypassed, whilst a swell to the North can shut the swell off).

Be aware of: These waves are really only for the experienced, intermediate surfers may struggle.

  1. Teahupo’o, Tahiti

This surf is particularly tube rich, although given the destination’s popularity with tourists and surfers alike the beach here can get pretty crowded.

Be aware of: This surf is hollow, shallow and powerful and surfers must know both their limits and capabilities when taking on this surf.

  1. Arrifana, Portugal

Arrifana offers waves that frequently reach fifteen foot or more, and when coupled with the very best of Portugal’s landscapes and vibrant blue sea here you then have a destination that is perfect for both sun seekers as well as surfers.

Be aware of: The Rocky terrain.

  1. Moorea, Tahiti

Tahiti makes for the perfect place to benefit from the very best of the consistent south/southwest swells (the peak of which can be experienced between April and October). Swells on average reach between 3 and 8 foot.

Be aware of: The locality and the local population: The people here have a deep sense of pride and as well as being sensitive to this you should also be aware of the shallow fire coral that, when teamed with heavy waves, can be particularly dangerous.