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So the story goes…

Born out of deep passions for the wind, snow, waves, and the pursuit of pushing human limitations beyond what is conventionally thought possible, Epicstoke was founded by two brothers, Joe and Nick Schaeppi, in 2010. Epicstoke is an exploration of innovative design ventures aimed at crafting premium sustainably sourced products that remind us of why we push our boundaries.

Since its conception, Epicstoke has been a self funded voyage on a mission to develop products that can push the human experience into one of higher energy and focus: based on the idea that human beings function at an optimal level when living in pursuit of their highest excitement.

As a true tale of triumphs and struggles, each product launched gets Epicstoke closer to building technology based solutions that will help get you closer to being the hero of your own story- the wielder of your own legend. Our projects have always focused on how we can take something outside the box and turn it into something real. We’re incredibly excited for what is next and beyond stoked about the possible implications it could have on helping humans live more excited lives. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve felt the tide. Come join us on this adventure- let’s make something incredible happen. 

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The space between things. Mass elation. Your highest excitement. Entropy. The oceanic experience. Unhinged consciousness. Your fear is your glory. Peak experience. Enlightened adventure. The forever wayfarer. Live your edge. Creative reality. Limitless imagination. Superfluidity. Neverland. Epicstoke. //

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