7 Solid Reasons to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

As a thrill seeker you probably think about your overall fitness a lot – your muscle tone, cardio health, immune system, energy levels… but do you ever consider the health of your eyes and how your eyes directly relate to your ability to get out on the slopes or water and perform optimally?
Don’t feel bad if the answer’s no. You’re young right? Only old farts need to worry about their eyesight? Sorry to add an extra concern to your list, but we want you to know that eye health is just as important as getting fresh air, eating right and exercising.
It’s not impossible to surf, ski or skate without good vision, but you’d certainly miss out on some of the awesome scenery. So here we have our 7 reasons to think a little more about those eyes of yours….

1. Outdoor sports involve sunlight and glare

We probably don’t need to tell you about the fierceness of the glare on the snow or sea. Glancing in the wrong place at the wrong time can mean a face-full of light and a moment of blindness. Not so good. Ever heard of snow blindness? Make sure you’re wearing some decent polarized sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB filtering to stop the glare getting to you.

2. Infections don’t look or feel good​

Well any kind of infection is pretty nasty! But eye infections are pretty gross, super itchy and can scar. You’re around sand, dirt track, or snow a lot of the time and if those pesky specks can get into your eye at any time. Plus, you sweat too, so there’s a chance of dusty drips getting into your eyes and we dare you not to rub them! So keep some fresh water and a clean cloth handy for an ad-hoc rinse and think about some anti-bacterial eye wear too.

3. Glasses are expensive

If your sight starts to deteriorate and you need regular check-ups with the eye doctor, and need new lenses and new frames every year to stay on trend and blur free, then you’re looking at around $200 per visit. We’d rather spend that on gear, wouldn’t you?

4. Headaches hurt

Yep – damaged eyesight can lead to some gruesome headaches if not picked up. We’re talking bran-splitting, ear bashing, and jaw clenching monsters of headaches. Not nice. Take care of your vision and you can avoid the side effects of bad eyesight.

5. A bash on the head can damage a retina, or two

Wear a helmet. That is all. Your occipital lobe (that thing that takes up 30% of your brain and is dedicated to visual processing) is precious. No one cares what you look like- you’re in it for the thrill not the fashion.

6. You eat with your eyes

You know how your mouth starts to water when you see those sausages sizzling on the barbie? Your eyes are telling your stomach that something good’s on the way; get ready to digest! And have you noticed that well-presented food tastes so much better? Your eyes are telling you it’s tasty too.

7. They don’t grow back

You’re only blessed with one pair of eyes in this lifetime and they’re the windows to your soul. Take care of what you’ve got and they’ll serve you well throughout your life.